Today’s Advanced Cyber Security on Online Casino Sites

Today’s Advanced Cyber Security on Online Casino Sites

The popularity of online casinos has been growing, but because of their dependence on software technology and the internet, cybercrime is one of the problems that plague the industry. There’s plenty of money in online gambling, and that attracts cybercriminals. Cyber security is a major priority for any online casino.

Data and privacy protection 

Licensed casinos, as part of the licensing process, have to follow the rules on data and privacy protection. Reputable real money casino sites, such as Parx Casino, take every measure to ensure security so players can rest easy and know that their personal information is secure.

By stealing sensitive player data, cybercriminals can sell it or use stolen identities for further crimes such as laundering illicit funds. To steal their credentials, players may get an email that appears to come from an online venue and offer a special welcome bonus. They may click on a link to a fake site and input their credentials.

Educating casino employees

Educating casino employees on best security practices is important. They should know how to recognize phishing emails. They should use secure passwords that include at least 8 characters, upper and lower-case letters, a symbol, and a number. If default passwords aren’t changed, it is easy for hackers to get access. There is money in betting, and casino employees have to be alert to attempts of criminals to channel it their way.

Sophisticated cyber attacks

The use of Ransomware is one of the current cybersecurity threats that various Fortune 500 companies and government institutions have fallen victim to in the past. Attackers get a program onto a system that encrypts files, so they are impossible to access. They then demand payment to unlock the files.

Keeping software updated

Keeping all software up to date is another obvious security measure but one which can be neglected and cause vulnerabilities. The WannaCry attack in 2017 that cost companies over $4 billion could have been prevented by updating systems.

Getting the basics of protection right

Securing traffic with HTTPS encryption ensures that no one can see what passes between the browser and the site. There are various services that can help to protect against DDOS attacks. Casinos can also get cybersecurity companies to test the security of their platforms. They will “simulate” a cyber-attack so they can inform the casino about any vulnerability they need to fix.

Author: Bobbie Jimenez